Prof. Dr. Michael Veder


Michael Veder is professor of insolvency law at the Radboud Business Law Institute and adviser at the Amsterdam based law firm RESOR. From 2018 until 2024 he was vice-dean of research of the Faculty of Law of Radboud University (Nijmegen, the Netherlands). Michael is admitted to the bar in the Netherlands. He specialises in (international) insolvency law and secured transactions. He holds a doctorate in law from Radboud University (2004). He is a member of the European Commission Group of Experts on Restructuring and Insolvency Law and was a member of the European Commission Expert Group on cross-border insolvency. He chairs the Dutch Insolvency Law Commission (Commissie Insolventierecht) that advises the Dutch government and parliament on matters relating to insolvency and restructuring. He is fellow of the Dutch Insolvency Practitioners Association (Vereniging Insolventierecht Advocaten (INSOLAD)), member and former chair of the Netherlands Association of Comparative and International Insolvency Law, honorary member of INSOL Europe, for which he was a member of its Council and chair of its Academic Forum, member of INSOL International, for which he is a member of its Academics’ Steering Committee, and member of the International Insolvency Institute. Michael regularly publishes, lectures and advises on (international and comparative aspects of) property law, secured transactions, insolvency and restructuring (and related disputes) and frequently speaks at conferences in the Netherlands and abroad. He was course leader of the Global Insolvency Practice Course for the Fellowship of INSOL International. Michael has also advised the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank on insolvency and restructuring issues.

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